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Green Tea Bags with Brown Rice: 25 Tea Bags
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Item number: 1876
This green tea bags with brown rice has a unique soft taste, and is made from flush leaves of the Jeju tea garden. This flavor distinguishes itself from other brown rice green teas. A gift of nature, the tea garden at Mt. Halla in Jeju island, which offers the best condition for tea planting, provides flush leaves to make this excellent green tea. Green tea with brown rice is the most popular tea product in Korea. You can notice the difference in just one sip of the tea. The freshness of flush leaves from Halla tea garden is harmonized with the flavors of brown rice, which results in soft and subtle flavor, so this brown rice green tea is good enough for those who are not familiar with green tea. In order to make a good cup of green tea, you put one teabag in a cup and add warm water about 80 degrees Centigrade (176 degrees Fahrenheit). Then steep 2-3 minutes and sway the teabag lightly 3 or 4 times. Remove the teabag from the cup before enjoying the tea.

There are three famous tea gardens in Korea where the best quality green teas are produced. The gardens are located in Boseong, Hwagae, and Jeju. The gardens in Boseong and Jeju are large and usually produce industrialized green teas. This tea from the Hwagae is cultivated on privately owned tea gardens located on the southern slopes of Jirisan Mountain, the most remote area from civilization in Korea, and are handmade, therefore producing more delicate teas which are of course, more expensive. Instead of the large breath taking plantations, the tea gardens of Hwagae are smaller in size and the tea trees lay closer to the ground and grow naturally, and are therefore also called "wild green tea."

How Korean Green Tea Different From

While internationally Chinese and Japanese teas are more widely known, Korean green tea is very different from them. And unlike black teas, which are fermented and oxidized before they are dried and shaped, Korean green tea is heated on an iron pot within a few hours of being picked, then rolled by hands and naturally dried in the shade. This allows for the tealeaves to infuse clear light liquids, which have a delicate and subtle flavor.

Green Tea Health Benefits

Green tea has high contents of vitamin C, catechin and amino acids, all substances that for many years have been known to be great for your skin. Green tea is also a low-calorie drink and would be helpful for those trying to lose weight. Recently, "Yale University researchers detail the body of evidence linking green tea to better heart health and a lower risk of cancer (Reported by MSNBC)."
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