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Cloisonne Enameled Long Neck Fine Silver Vase with Mandarin Ducks
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Item number: 2085
This unique silver vase is brilliantly decorated with fine cloisonne mandarin ducks delighting in a romantic moment on the peaceful pond and a fully bloomed peony blossom design whose details outlined in silver wires. Each design is nicely created by delicately inlaying translucent enamels into the silver wire designs on the attractively embossed silver ground. In Korea, mandarin ducks are regarded as a symbol of a happily married couple who remain faithful to their partner their entire lives. The peony is traditionally a symbol of wealth and nobility.

Age: Contemporary

Material: Pure Fine Silver

Artist: Su-kyeong Park

Size: Widest Diameter 4.3" x Height 8.4" (8.6 x 18.8cm)
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