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Piri (Korean Bamboo Oboe) Sanjo by Park Bum-Hoon
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Item number: 2554
This album presents the unique tune of Piri through the original Sanjo style established by Park Bum-Hoon. Sanjo is a genre of traditional Korean folk music, involving an instrumental solo accompanied by drumming on the Janggu, an hourglass-shaped drum. Piri is a Korean double reed bamboo oboe with eight finger holes, one in back for the thumb and seven in front, used in both the folk and classical court music. Its large reed and cylindrical bore gives it a sound mellower than that of many other types of oboe.
Park Bum-Hoon
Park Bum-Hoon is a Korea's representative performer, conductor and revolutionary composer who has composed numerous original works and released over 20 albums. He showed his extraordinary musical talent early in life. Amazingly, he was essentially self-taught and scored international success, perfor...
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