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The grain of wood, in trees several hundred years
old, contains meditations and songs that it has
obtained from its close relationships with sunlight,
earth, wind and rain. A tree that has grown tall by
absorbing water and nutrients during its long
lifetime, and by having deep conversations with the
sun and the wind, possesses within it the mystery
of the earth drawn from its roots, as well as the
numerous stories of sunlight, moonlight and
insects extracted from its leaves. A tree is destined
to fall, but its thoughts..... more
This fine bedside chest is made
of five different types of wood:
Paulownia for the sides, Tree-of-
Heaven for the top, Zelkova for the
rest of the chest, and Black
Persimmon and Ginko for the
edges between rectangular
figures at the front. The Paulownia
sides are 'ironed' to make the
natural grain more beautiful,
a unique technique of Korean traditional... more
Today's Korean Traditional Music
Korean traditional music quoted as “the sound that baptizes your soul” is distinguished from other Asian or Western music by its unique tempo distribution, warm and soft tone color, calm and meditative character, and spontaneous creativity in folk music.
Essays on Korean Arts and Handicrafts
These essays provide resources and in-depth information about Korean Handicrafts and arts,
including historical backgrounds and details of techniques and designs, as well as
the poignant life stories of the master artists.
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