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Three Korean Hahoe Mask Set in Frame
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Item number: 1434
This framed Hahoe mask set includes Yangban, Bune and Ime Tal successively from the top. Hahoe masks have been used in Hahoe Tal Chum (Hahoe Mask Dance Drama), one of Korea's most traditional folk plays featuring various allegorical characters, such as Yangan (an arrogant aristocrat), Sonbi (a pedantic scholar), Bune (a flirtatious young woman), Chung (a depraved Buddist monk), Imae (a foolish servant), Baekjung (a coarse butcher), Halmi (an old widow) and more. Hahoe Tal Chum has been performed as a village ritual in Andong area of Gyeongsang-do province since Goryeo Dinasty (918-1392).

Ime Tal (a foolish servant) on the bottom has a happy-go-lucky face, which instantly shows that he is a simple-minded fool. The crooked nose reveals that he is deformed and the down-slanted eyes show that he is free from malice. He plays Sonbi's foolish servant. This is the only mask without a chin.

Size: 7.1"W x 13.4"H (18 � 34c
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