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Porcelain Vases Sort by:
Blue and White Porcelain Vase with Dragon Design
Price USD 680.00
Blue White Porcelain Vase with Arabesque Design
Price USD 299.00
China Porcelain Vase with Celadon Openwork Head and Inlaid Body
Price USD 95.50
Oriental Porcelain Vase with Celadon Bamboo Motif in Relief
Price USD 125.00
Antique Porcelain Vase with Celadon Openwork Chrysanthemum Design
Price USD 179.00
Small Porcelain Vase with Impressed Woven Mat Design
Price USD 89.50
Green Porcelain Vase with Celadon Tri-leaf Design
Price USD 139.00
Goryeo Dynasty Porcelain Vase with Celadon Clouds and Cranes Patterns
Price USD 179.00
Blue Porcelain Vase in White with a Fishing Scene
Price USD 299.00
Asian Porcelain Vase Inlaid with Celadon Cloud and Crane Design
Price USD 399.00
Porcelain Bud Vase Semi-round Celadon Chrysanthemum Design
Price USD 95.50
White Porcelain Vase with Cylindrical Shape
Price USD 360.00
Porcelain Dragon Vase with Korean Buncheong Design
Price USD 299.00
Porcelain Rose Vase in Reddish-brown
Price USD 89.50
Fine Porcelain Vase Embossed with Celadon Arabesque Design
Price USD 350.00
Porcelain Floral Vase Inlaid with Celadon Peonies and Chrysanthemums
Price USD 299.00
Porcelain Vase from Korea: Melon-shaped Celadon
Price USD 199.00
Black Porcelain Vasewith Inlaid Celadon Balloonflower Design
Price USD 299.00
Porcelain Vase Made with Inlaid Celadon Peony and Bojagi Design
Price USD 370.00
Porcelain Urn Vase Inlaid with Celadon Bamboo and Crane Design
Price USD 97.00