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Hand Wood Carving Wandering Poet Kim Satgat
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Item number: 1590
Kim Satgat is a great wandering poet of humor and satire in 19th century. Kim's real name is Kim Byeong-yeon, but is more well-known for Kim Satgat because he always wore satgat (hat made of hay) because he can't look up the sky due to the feeling of guilt. Here's the story why he had to wear satgat through all his life. When he was five years old, Kim's grandfather, Kim Ik-sun surrendered when rebellion arouse while he was the mayor of the place of rebellion. The punishment for surrendering was to forbid Ik-sun's all descendents to be a government official. After that young Byeong-yeon and his brother hided themselves into a mountain with their mother. Byeong-yeon's mother did not tell why they're hiding themselves.

Later, the government decided to punish only Kim Ik-sun himself, and gave his descendents the right to take exams to be an official governor. 20 years old Byeong-yeon took the official exam. The topic of the exam was to point out Kim Ik-sun's fault during the rebellion. He passed the examination and ranked first for his excellent composition. He charged his grandfather in his writing that a person like Kim Ik-sun should be killed hundreds of thousands of times for ruining the King and his family. When his mother realized what Byeong-yeon has done, she told her son every truth. Finally, he left his house with his satgat because he couldn't endure the common life due to dishonor his ancestor and himself.

Small: 5.1"W x 4.7"D x 13"H (13 x 12 × 33cm)
Large: 5.9"W x 5.5"D x 16.5"H (15 x 14 × 4
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