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Korean Hand Wood Carving Totem Village Guardians Jangseung
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Item number: 1592
In Korea, jangseung, or wooden totem 'Village Guardians,' are regarded as one of the earliest examples of nonfigurative art, in which a human figure is expressed in a highly compressed form. Jangseung has the shape of traditional Korean military officer with angry eyes, snaggleteeth and a hat. The inscribed Chinese characters on the male jangseung on the left, Cheon-ha-dae-jang-gun, means "great general under heaven" while characters on the female jangseung, Ji-ha-yeo-jang-gun, means "great woman general underground." These wooden totem poles, erected in groups or pairs at the entrance of Buddhist temples or villages, were worshiped as village guardians with magical power that drives out devils and diseases and were also used as landmarks for travelers. Read More

Size: 2.4"W x 2"D x 10.6"H (6 x 5 x 27cm)
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