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White Porcelain Water Dropper with Lizard and Maehwa Design in Relief
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Item number: 1844
A fine reproduction of the 19th century masterpiece ceramic work, this white porcelain water dropper is embellished with maehwa blossoms and a lizard carved in relief on the surface. The harmony between the maehwa and lizard design and the bluish white glaze makes it a memorable item for any collection. One of the sagunja ("four noble beings") motifs loved by Korean artists, maehwa refers to the Korean plum blossom that has long been the herald of spring. Korean artists have been fascinated by maehwa, which blooms at the end of winter, and thus have praised it as a symbol of the noble spirit overcoming all hardships. Read More

Size: 4.7"W x 3.1"D x 2.4"H (12 x 8 x 6cm)
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