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Sterling Silver Picture Frame with Cloisonne Enamel Butterfly Design
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Item number: 2049
This unique sterling silver picture frame is elegantly decorated with a cloisonne butterfly, a symbol of free love and happiness that has been used to decorate ladies' fashion or home accessories. The traditional enamelwork technique developed over a millennium ago complements this modern object wonderfully. You can now accommodate your precious photographs in this one of a kind picture frame.

The embossed pattern on the silver surface, which is created through innumerable hammering by a skilled artisan, adds beautiful panache to this picture frame. This kind of technique is originated from banjja, a craft term indicating a technique of Korean bronzeware making. Korean bronzeware was made through a hard, time-consuming procedure in which the artisan needs to hammer a lump of heated metal innumerable times to turn it into a pre-conceived form. The works of this type are regarded as the best of all bronzeware. Read More

Size: Wide 7.9" x Height 5.9" (20 x 15cm)
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