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Ducks Korean Folk Painting Wall Hanging Silk Scroll with Flowers
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Item number: 2317
This unique hanging scroll korean folk ducks painting exhibits a perfect reproduction of Joseon dynasty (1392-1910) folk painting called Minhwa. This particular work depicts a natural scene of fully bloomed chrysanthemum flowers and a pair of mandarin ducks. The chrysanthemum symbolizing fidelity and loyalty has been one of the most favorite subjects used for adorning craftworks as it blooms until late autumn, thus overcoming the frost. Mandarin ducks are regarded as a symbol of a happily married couple who remain faithful to their partner their entire lives.

The most remarkable characteristics of Korean folk paintings are their dynamic composition, the use of bold colors and simplified patterns, and the energetic and whimsical visualization of their forms, without much concern for reality. Because of these unique features Minhwa is both studied and cherished around the world.

Size: 12.6"W x 34.3"H (32 � 87cm)
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