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Chimhyang-moo: Hwang Byung-Ki Gayageum Masterpiece Vol. 1
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Item number: 2507
Chimhyang-moo breaks entirely new ground in the field of Korean music. Chimhyang means an Indian perfume and moo means dance, which gives its name to the work (dance in the perfume). In the work, Hwang surveys the world of Buddhist art in the Shilla period, where sensitivity to beauty was sublimated into religious exultation by the medium of music. Completely new techniques in performance are required for this work. Even the tuning is different, the basis being a scale used for a Buddihist chant. Arpeggios are employed which recall those of the ancient East Asian harp, the Konghu. The Janggu also plays an important part in this composition.
Hwang Byung-Ki
Synonymous in Korea with music pleasing to both the ear and the mind is the Gayagum music of Hwang Byung-Ki. He is a leading composer, performer, and scholar of Korean traditional music. Born in Seoul in 1936, he studied Gayageum and composition at the National Center for Korean Traditional Performi...
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