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Mother of Pearl Red Cookie Jar with Lacquered Wood Double Joy Character
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Item number: 2615
This octagonal wood red-lacquered cookie jar is embellished with a mother of pearl design double joy and longevity characters, and butterfly design. The red-lacquer is rarer and more expensive than normal lacquer and was used only in royal court in Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). The inside of the box is divided into nine compartments to hold an assortment of candy or cookie.

The houseware coated with natural lacquer has long been used in East Asia for its glossy beauty as well as its practicality for being strong, watertight and antibacterial. It's been used as an ideal container for keeping food such as cookie, nut and candy. Read More

Size: 12.8" Diameter x 7.1" Height (32.5 x 18cm)
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