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Gajin Hoesang: Traditional Korean Court Music
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Item number: 2755
Gajin Hoesang is one of four orchestral suites derived from Yeongsan Hoesang, literally meaning "congregation at the spiritual mountain." Originally, Yeongsan Hoesang was serious classical music, combining the flavor of court banquet music with the atmosphere of sedate Buddhist meditation. This music has become secular with adding of successive variations. The suite begins with a solemn and extremely slow tempo, which gradually progresses to a livelier and faster tempo.

The oldest version of the Yeongsan Hoesang, preserved in the 15th century manuscript Taeak Hubo (late edition of great music), was a vocal piece, whose text was taken from a Buddhist scripture, with an instrumental accompaniment. Eventually the vocal part was lost.
Jeongnong Akhoe
Jeongnong Akhoe ensemble was founded in December 1976 for the preservation and transmission of Jeong-ak (classical music). Its name implies that the ensemble (Akhoe) endeavors to cultivate (nong) the "right" (jeong) music. This ensemble is established in the belief that Jeong-ak is a foundation for ...
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