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Hand Held Paper Fan Dyed with Yellow Soil and Painting of Maehwa Flower
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Item number: 3316
This unique hand held paper fan dyed with yellow soil exhibits a beautiful Maehwa flower symbolizing the noble spirit overcoming all hardships. The intricate pyrography bat design engraved on the bamboo ribs create a wonderful harmony with the beautiful lines made by the wide breadth of the unfolded fan's outline and the attractive three-dimensional creases of the paper arranged neatly.

The bamboo used to make this fan is come from the bamboo trees that has grown only in Geojedo Island in Korea for three to four years without any flaw on its skin and has been prepared by harvesting it during the winter. The two edge ribs of the fan, called Byeonjuk, on which beautiful pyrography petal motifs are drawn, are made by using thicker bamboo strips with close joints.

Another element to add attraction and beauty to this fan is the use of Hanji, Korean mulberry paper. Hanji is extremely light and strong, and maintains its original color and shape even after a millennium. Featuring glossiness, softness, and a high capacity for upholding warmth and ventilation, Korean mulberry paper has been considered as the ideal material for craftworks.

The Maedeup (Korean macrame) tassel tied on the handle gives the beautiful panache to this fan. This fan comes with a nice wooden gift box.

The painting on this fan is painted by a well-known painter, San Gok Choi Sung, in Korea. Read More

Size: 21.6"W x 11.8"H (55 x 30cm)
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