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Paper Table Lamp Shade with Classic Lattice Window Lantern Light
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Item number: 3934
This classic table lamp features a lattice shade made of Korean mulberry paper called hanji. Produced after an arduous, time-consuming manufacturing process made only by hand, hanji is an amazingly durable and versatile material for all kinds of arts and crafts. When used for a lampshade, as in the one shown here, hanji helps produce a beautiful, long-lasting lighting accessory for the home, radiating soft and comforting natural light to soothe the body and mind, tired from busy urban life. The frame of the lamp, including the four corner columns and the base as well as the strips forming the lattice, is also made of hanji and is dyed with a natural pigment giving it a wooden color. The design of the lattice is taken from the traditional hanok (Korean house) window. There is a button under the lamp so that the user can choose from three levels of brightness.

Size: 7.1"W x 7.1"D x 11.8"H (18 x 18 � 3
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