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Mother of Pearl Refrigerator Fridge Magnet with Three-Legged Crow Design
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Item number: 5632
- Beautiful design and iridescent colors of mother of pearl

- Individually handcrafted with unique Korean traditional mother of pearl inlay technique that have lasted 1,000 years

- Size: 1.3" Diameter (3.2cm)

This unique magnetic coin fridge magnet is ornamented with a luxurious mother of pearl design of Samjogo, or three-legged crow, an imaginary holy bird that was believed to live inside the sun and to transport the sun across the sky during the day. It was a highly regarded symbol of power, thought superior to both the dragon and the phoenix during the period of the Goguryeo Kingdom (37 BC-668 AD), the most powerful Korean ancient kingdom rivaled China. The elaborate adornment with the iridescence of mother of pearl designs makes it an impressive item for collection.

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