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K-LAVA SALT—Korea's No.1 Bamboo Salt—Original 9x, Crystal, 70g
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- The ORIGINAL 9 times baked and then LAVA-like melting processed BAMBOO SALT. — Bamboo Salt are not all the same quality. — Choose the Original, produced exactly according to the prescription of the inventor!

1) SUPPLYING ESSENTIAL MINERALS — Supplies ALL the 55 Essential Minerals — When adding 4 minerals that are supplied just by breathing, all essential minerals are provided.

2) 98% BIOAVAILABILITY (ABSORBABILITY) — For being once lava-like melted, the Essential Minerals are Very Easily Absorbed by the body.

3) PURIFYING — helps Reduce Any Inflammation — promotes Detoxification — increases Metabolism — cleanses the Blood.

4) ANTIOXIDANT — helps protect cells from Free Radicals — regulates the pH level of the body — Alkalizes the body Fluids.

What Minerals are contained in K-LAVA SALT?

* 9 times baked bamboo salt (K-LAVA SALT Original 9x) contains ALL Essential 55 minerals such as sulfur, potassium, zinc, manganese, iron, phosphorus, iodine, selenium, and so on. When adding 4 minerals that are supplied just by breathing, all essential minerals are supplied.

* Furthermore, the absorbability of its minerals reaches 98% since they are once lava-like melted colloidal minerals. This allows high bioavailability of the minerals in the human body.

How does K-LAVA SALT work as a powerful Antioxidant?

* A Japanese researcher praised 9 times baked bamboo salt as the most powerful food to help restore oxidized material back to its original clean status. It is because K-LAVA SALT is alkaline, while other salt is acidic.

* Through 9 times baking and lava-like heating process, the salt becomes such a wonderful and versatile antioxidant.

* Simply adding this bamboo salt into a variety of foods and drinks turns the acidic foods into neutral or alkaline.
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