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Kim Yong-Bae
Kim Yong-Bae co-founded Samulnori with Kim Duk-Soo, Choi Tae Hyun and Lee Jong-Dae in 1978. His brilliant performance of Kkwaenggwari in his short life time made him called "God of Kkwaenggwari." It was him that came up with the idea of performing with only four instruments (Kkwaenggwari, Jing, Janggu and Buk) and called it Samulnori. He killed himself in his room at his age of 34. Next to him was found his precious Kkwaenggwari that had been smashed to pieces. On the wall, he had repeatedly written the Chinese character "Mu," meaning "nothing."
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Drum Collection of Kim Yong-Bae: Korean Percussion Quartet Music
Price USD 12.99