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Jeongnong Akhoe
Jeongnong Akhoe ensemble was founded in December 1976 for the preservation and transmission of Jeong-ak (classical music). Its name implies that the ensemble (Akhoe) endeavors to cultivate (nong) the "right" (jeong) music. This ensemble is established in the belief that Jeong-ak is a foundation for the spiritual and emotional vitality of Korean people. Its members consist of the best musicians in Korea: renowned professors of music colleges and celebrated performers from various musical organizations.

Since 1977, the ensemble has held its annual performances to present the authentic classical pieces and participated in numerous music festivals in and outside Korea. Today, Jeongnong Akhoe ensemble is known as the foremost ensemble transmitting Korean classical music in its authentic form.
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Gajin Hoesang: Traditional Korean Court Music
Price USD 13.99
Korean Court Music by Jeongnong Akhoe
Price USD 13.99