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Color of the Sky recreated on Earth
Korean Celadon porcelain is renowned the world over for its exquisite inlaid
designs, voluminous form, elegantly-curved lines and mysterious color,
the color of the sky after a rainstorm during an autumn afternoon.
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Dragon Incense Burner Celadon Green Ceramic with Lotus Design
Price USD 259.00
Antique Incense Burner Celadon Green Ceramic with Sphere Lid with Holes
Price USD 199.00
Cone Incense Burner Celadon Green Ceramic with Lotus Flower Design
Price USD 199.00
Bottle Incense Burner Celadon Green Ceramic with Flower and Bird
Price USD 69.00
Elephant Head Incense Burner Celadon Green Ceramic with Inlay Design
Price USD 159.00
Tea Bowl with Inlaid Celadon Green Pottery Orchid Design
Price USD 115.00
Celadon Porcelain Vase with Openwork Head and Chrysanthemum Body
Price USD 185.00
Ceramics Vase with Celadon Green Openwork Head and Inlaid Body
Price USD 95.50
Porcelain Cat Figurine Celadon Green Water Dropper
Price USD 49.95
Porcelain Elephant Figurine Celadon Green Water Dropper
Price USD 49.95
Porcelain Bottle with Inlaid Celadon Persimmon Design
Price USD 230.00
Square Porcelain Plate Celadon with Mother and Child Carved in Relief
Price USD 99.95
Porcelain China Plate Celadon with Tiger and Magpie Painting
Price USD 199.00
Antique Porcelain Plate Celadon with Ten Creatures of Longevity Design
Price USD 99.95
Glazed Ceramic Vase with Black Tri-Leaf Design in Celadon Green
Price USD 139.00
Ceramic Cookie Jar with Inlaid Celadon Green Cracks Pattern
Price USD 289.00
Ceramic Jar with Celadon Snowy White Landscape Painting
Price USD 159.00
Ceramic Flower Vase with Celadon Semi-round Chrysanthemum Design
Price USD 155.00
Antique Ceramic Vase with Celadon Crane and Chrysanthemum Design
Price USD 89.95
Ceramic Storage Jar with Celadon Green Tiger and Magpie Painting
Price USD 199.00
Ceramic Bud Vase with Celadon Bamboo Motif and Maehwa Design
Price USD 89.50
Porcelain Bottle and Vase Set with Celadon Cloud and Crane
Price USD 99.95
Porcelain Duck Set with Celadon Green
Price USD 39.50
Porcelain Dinner Plate Celadon inlaid with Dragon
Price USD 199.00
Collector Porcelain Plate Celadon inlaid with Crane and Cloud
Price USD 159.00
Porcelain Plates China Leaf-shaped Celadon
Price USD 47.99
Porcelain Plate Set Peach-shaped Celadon
Price USD 47.99
Porcelain Collectors Plate Lotus-shaped Celadon Porcelain Plate
Price USD 47.50
Porcelain Dessert Plate Celadon in the Shape of Lotus Leaf
Price USD 59.00
China Porcelain Dish Celadon Porcelain Plate with Peony Design Carved in Relief
Price USD 35.50
Antique Porcelain Dish Celadon Inlaid with Maehwa Design
Price USD 199.00
Porcelain Pie Dish Celadon with Lotus Design
Price USD 199.00
Porcelain Candy Dish Celadon with Five Compartments
Price USD 255.00
Floor Ceramic Vase with Celadon Art Sgraffiato Peony Design
Price USD 299.00
Green Ceramic Vase Inlaid with Celadon Bamboo and Crane Design
Price USD 97.00
Decorative Ceramic Vase Inlaid with Celadon Chrysanthemum Design
Price USD 97.00
Porcelain Water Bottle with Celadon Mountain Peaks Carved in Relief
Price USD 260.00
Porcelain Flower Bottle Inlaid with Celadon Peony Design
Price USD 119.00
Contemporary Ceramic Vase Inlaid with Celadon Flower and Fish Design
Price USD 240.00
Modern Ceramic Vase with Celadon Green Cloud and Crane Design
Price USD 125.00
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